We offer complete tours in Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, Uttaranchal and Himachal by car. On request also train tickets, bus tickets, flights and everything else can be organised, so that you can enjoy your time in India.

The price for your tour tour will be defined in advance und includes the ride, the fuel, road taxes, any repairs and other costs in connection with the ride. The actual amount depends on the duration and the distance of your tour. Please contact us for an offer for your individual tour.

On the basis of his wide experience our driver knows accomodations and hotels in all categories and price ranges. You tell him your wishes, he shows you the available hotels of your category, you choose the hotel of your taste and he gives you advice in terms of prices and negotiates for you if desired.

Our principles

  • Honesty: Anita Tours India only earns the price for the tour, i.e. you will not be led to shops (like other tourist companies do) nor will any other type of commission earned on your cost.
  • Safety first: Your safety is always in the first place!
  • Your satisfaction is our duty. Your driver is at your disposal around the clock for any kind of wish or question.
  • Flexibility: You can always change the duration of a stay at a certain destination, cancel the destination or add one at any time. If possible you can also extend the whole tour. In short, you decide where you stay for how long.